Retrenchment benefits of ex-MSRTC employees misused


IMPHAL, December 28: A press release of the MSRTC workers and employees welfare organization has claimed that Rs 12,80,10,000 meant for 248 employees and workers as retrenchment benefits for Ex-MSRTC employees, sanctioned by the state government has been misappropriated by K Panmei, MD of MSRTC and I Bihari, Account Officer MSRTC.

According to the statement , Director (Tpt) Cum MD/MSRTC BK Sharma had submitted a statement to P/S (Tpt) Government of Manipur stating shortfall of Retrenchment Benefit for a sum of Rs 2,56,68,483 for another purpose.

I/C Commissioner (Tpt) Government of Manipur AR Khan, IAS had sanctioned a sum of Rs 12,80,10,000 for 248 MSRTC employees and workers under Sanction Order No 26/1/2002-T(MSRTC) Pt., dated 16/7/2003, it added. The statement further added that MD/MSRTC K Panmei issued Retrenchment Order under No. 1/807/2003-MSRTC(E) Pt., dated 31/10/2003 giving 223 + 2 officers only against the sanction amounts for 248 employees.  

Deputy Secretary (Tpt) Government of Manipur T Thongkhopao issued another order under No. 26/1/2002-T(MSRTC) Pt. dated 18/11/2003, to release a sum of Rs 8,52,79,526 out of previous sanctioned amounts Rs 12,80,10,000 deducting Rs 4,27,30,474, it added. The statement then added that after many years, Director (Tpt) Cum MD/MSRTC Government of Manipur BK Sharma submitted a letter to Principal Secy Government of Manipur in details under letter No. 1/807/203-MSRTC-(E), dated 14/09/2011 stating a sum of Rs 12,80,10,000 sanctioned for 248 employees under ROP ’99.

The letter further said that Rs 1,88,41,150 was available physically under present DDO accounts and leaving a shortfall of Rs 2,56,68,483 without utilization certificate or valid documents.

Stating that it was a clear case of cheating employees and the higher authority of the concerned department,  the organization of Ex-MSRTC Employees strongly appealed to State Government Authority and social workers, public leaders and organizations to look into the matter seriously and to take necessary action against the persons/officials who are involved in this issue as per the law of the land.The statement further demanded that the due salaries and benefits of the employees should be cleared at an early date in the interest of the Ex-MSRTC Employees.


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