Set up Manipur Bhavan in Bangalore: Manipuri association


IMPHAL, December 28: The Manipuri community in Bangalore representing the Manipuri Meitei Association, Bangalore has expressed its regards to all the state media for its kind consideration and mature help in dealing with all the events which directly or indirectly affected the Manipuri community in and around Bangalore specially, during the last North East exodus.

According to release of the association, “As the population of Manipuri community staying outside Manipur is increasing day by day and a very large number of Manipuris already settled outside Manipur. The Manipuri community in Bangalore urged the government of Manipur to draft a special policy for the welfare of this population. There should be strong mechanism to address the concerns and grievances of Manipuri communities staying outside the state.”

“The Manipuri Meitei Association, Bangalore, representing all the communities from

Manipur and staying in Karnataka, pressed strongly the government of

Manipur to set up a MANIPUR BHA V AN in Bangalore,” it further said.

“Thousands of people from Manipur visit Bangalore every year in connection education, employment, diagnosis, pilgrimage, etc. Besides, considering the safety as in the case of North East Exodus of the thousands of Manipuri communities staying in Karnataka, it is an utmost importance to set up Manipur Bhavan in Bangalore,” it said. 

“As Manipur is already affected by the influx of foreign nationals, MMAB also supports

the sincere effort to ascertain foreigners in Manipur for taking necessary measures to protect the indigenous Manipuri people. The association also requests all the concerned organizations to consider the proper criteria of foreigners. Some undesirable incidents may cause great difficulties to the lives of thousands of Manipuri communities staying outside Manipur,” it said.

“The association also condemned the recent incident at Chandel. Any uncivilized act of defying woman`s respect is extremely regrettable. We also urge the government of

Manipur to bring the anti-social elements involved to book,” it added.


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