Villagers allegedly assaulted by militant suspects


IMPHAl, Dec 1 (NNN): Two villagers from Chandel district of Manipur have been allegedly assaulted by cadres of a militant outfit on Friday evening.

Mangtinlen, a 25 year old student of Delhi University, son of Kholjathang and one Vungkam, a 50 years old man were beaten up by “valley based militants” at Kholmunlen village at around 6 pm under Chakpikarong subdivision of Chandel district, according to Kuki People`s Forum (KPF) of Chandel district, Kuki Chiefs Associations of Gunpi and Kana blocks, Kuki Students Organisation (KSO) of Gunpi and Kana blocks and Kuki Women Human Rights, Gunpi block.

These Kuki organisations alleged that Mangtinlen and Vungkam were beaten up by the militants without any rhyme and reason. The two victims are said to be in critical condition and they have been taken elsewhere for medical attention.

Strongly condemning the Friday evening incident, the four Kuki organisations said such cruelty will bring nothing good in the society but `negative impact.` The Kuki bodies also said militants intimidating and assaulting civilians are not revolutionaries but `criminals`. Without naming the militant outfit, the four Kuki organisations said the “valley based militants” should stop harassing the innocent people.

Meanwhile, the four Kuki organisations demanded from the government to set up a security post in the area immediately so as to bring a secured atmosphere. They said the villagers are not free to carry out their chores due to the frequent intimidation from the militants.

“If brotherhood is to be maintained, stop harassing us,” the four Kuki bodies appeal.


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