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Commitee highlights PDS distribution anomalies through memorandums

IMPHAL, January 29: United People’s Struggle Committee, RIMS Road has submitted memorandums to Deputy Commissioners in three districts demanding to ensure the distribution of total PDS items to BPL and AAY families in time.

United People’s Struggle Committee, UPSC with H Ambrapati  Leima as secretary was constituted at a meeting held today under the theme, `Discussion on the Deprivation of Proletarian People’s Rights`  organized by All Manipur Democratic Women’s Front. 

UPSC representatives submitted a memorandum to K Radhakumar, IAS, Deputy Comissioner , Imphal West District. When the DC received the memorandum, he conveyed it to the District Supply Officer (DSO) to take up the necessary actions however UPSC expressed unhappiness that DC did not give the opportunity to meet the representatives of the UPSC who went to submit the memorandum.

The representatives met RK Dinesh, Deputy Commisioner, Imphal East District and  submitted the same memorandum to him.

Speaking to the UPSC representatives, the DC Imphal East informed that there has been no formal complaint against the unavailability of PDS items to the beneficiaries in the Imphal East district till date and as per the official document all the PDS items had been received while adding that the concerned elected members and Pradhans verified the availability and distribution of the PDS items to the beneficiaries  when the utilization certificates were submitted.

However he told the representatives to complain formally if the PDS were not made available to the public, assuring that legal actions would be taken up with regard to the matter.

The UPSC representatives later proceeded to Thoubal in a bid to submit the memorandum to DC, Thoubal who was out at that time. The memorandum was then handed over to Lukram Nandakishore singh, Additional Deputy commissioner (ADC), Thoubal.

ADC, Thoubal disclosed that the government is making efforts to distribute the total share of PDS items in time but the government has not been able to implement it completely due to law and order situation.

The public, civil society and organizations should make the concerted efforts so as to make it a success while assuring that the memorandum would be handed over to DC and all the necessary measures would be taken up. Cited in the memorandum were food items, K-oil etc to be supplied/sold to BPL and AAY families under PDS without any reduction on regular monthly basis, organizing mass sit-in protest and ceasing day’s work and activities in many localities and places w.e.f. 7 February if the authority concerned fails to provide and distribute the exact quota of PDS items of commodities to the real beneficiaries on or before 5 February.

It was also mentioned that a delegate of members of the United People’s Struggle Committee will head to Delhi to complain to the Central government officials if the concerned authority fails to streamline PDS on or before10 February.



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