Digitalisation of Books in State Archives


IMPHAL, January 14 (NNN):The digitization of books and other historical records of the Manipur State Archives has begun and the same will be made available to the public on the website of the archives.

Centre for Development of Advance Computing, Kolkata (CDAC) started digitization of books and other records at the Manipur State Archives on September 28, 2011 and around 300 books will be covered by the digitization process, an official of Manipur State Archives said on Monday.

However, the process was stopped from December 2012 after digitization of 23, 148 pages of books including other records from the state archives, Keishampat here, the official said. This may be due to certain problem, the official added.

CDAC has already handed 23, 148 digitized pages over to the officials of the archives but another 19, 183 pages in DVD format has to be received from CDAC by the archives, the official informed.

Considering the volume of books and records at the archives, the digitization process is now in its earliy stage as the CDAC has to digitize another 15-20 lakh pages, the official said, adding as the archives has been collecting books and records without interruption, the digitization process will be required all the time.

However, there is also a policy of the state Government to entrust the digitalization work to the state archives instead of assigning the task to other firms and for this, a proposal for procuring a digitization device has been duly put forward to the National Archives, the official added.

The state archives will start the digitalization work after procuring the machine which costs around Rs 40 lakh and the digitized archival records and books will be made available to the public on the state archives website, the official further added.


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