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Kuki Group to `sever ties with India`

IMPHAL, January 21: The  Kuki State Demand Comitee(KSDC) has in a press statement said that it would  burn the India flag on 26th January 2013 “as a mark of severance of ties between the Kuki nation and the Indian state which had fail to recognize the Kuki political right even after 65 years of Indian Indipendent and 65 years of Kuki tolerance“.

The KSDC today made it clear that the  political dialogue that they hope will come with the assurence from the Govt. of India had fail to meterialise as the government was bent on its appleasing policy of the Nagas by granting a Pan Naga Council to NSCN (IM)prior to the assembly elections of Nagaland. It has further stated that when the KSDC representative went to Delhi on the 14 of January, the Government was evasive to them.

“As such,the KSDC has decided to launch a “QUIT KUKI LAND“ movement from the 24th of January 2013 from 5.00 pm whch will result in a no celebration of the republic day of India or any subsiquent celebration connected  with the Indian state in the Kuki area,” the statement said. 



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