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NGOs initiate protests over disbanding SIU

IMPHAL, January 29: 12 organizations of the state including student bodies and other social organizations, led by the Coalition Against Drugs and Alcohol (CADA) today staged a sit in protest at the Keishampat Keisham leikai Community Hall demanding revival of the disbanded Special Intelligence Unit (SIU) and disclosure of the owners of the drugs consignment which was seized from the Imphal Airport on January 11.

The protestors have also demanded an independent body inquiry of the case and revocation of OC Ranjit’s transfer order.

Speaking on the sideline of the protest, CADA president Arangbam Ravindra recounted that the organizations had submitted a memorandum to the state Governor, Chief Minister,Home Minister and state DGP regarding their demands on January 20 with a seven days deadline.

He said following the failure of the government to take up any action even after the deadline has passed, the organizations have been compelled to take up the democratic form of agitation today. He however added that more agitations will be taken up and continued until the government met with the demands.

Lamenting the transfer of OC Ranjit, he said while the OC had been transferred just because he had conducted the raid without the knowledge of the SP, he asked what steps would be taken up against the SP for disbanding the SIU without the knowledge of the state Home Minister.

The Minister it may be mentioned, had earlier said that he had no knowledge about the disbanding of the SIU.

Demanding that the state Home Minister cannot turn away with such a clarification that he had no knowledge about the disbanding of the SIU, the CADA president also questioned whether the Home Minister was himself involved or someone higher than himself are involved.

“The power of drug is spreading rapidly and even young children have fallen prey to it,” he said.

He continued that the seizure of such huge quantities of illegal drugs even though several civil organizations have been fighting against drugs shows the involvement of elected representatives and other high profile officials in the drug business.

He alleged that the SIU was disbanded during the case amidst fear that it will disclose all secrets.



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