No Analysis Please!


By Ananya S Guha
Now the analyses of the Indian man’s attitude towards the opposite sex are getting complex, if not abstruse. The latest ‘theory’ I read today in The Times of India. The venerable author posited a world view, positioned between the man’s view on stereotypes, and the western world view on lewdness, exposure to bodily sex. First the latter.

The Indian male like any other counterpart in the world is lascivious. Like any other male he is prone to internet sex, which is instantly gratifying at the tip of one’s finger. We cannot blame him for this vice. The whole world over is susceptible to internet pornography. What we can do is to restrict this usage as much as we can with the help of cyber laws. Yes, this has a deleterious effect on the youth; here too this calls for severe restriction. How we do it, depends on parents, and teachers, not necessarily on law makers.

Regarding Indian stereotypes, as the woman as a slave, the dutiful mother and the equally dutiful wife, bearing the lustful attack by men is true. That is what has been happening for a long time. What is required is attitudinal change, and not a sexist centred view on marital ‘laws’, women, girls and what have you. You speak to a woman, and that means you are having an ‘affair’. A healthy male female relationship cannot be construed, because the woman is an object. Change this trendy thinking, change the syllabi in education; get rid of dowry, female infanticide, and the pathetic ‘arranged’ marriage. How can a marriage be ‘arranged’? It can only happen. And if your son or daughter does not fall in love – bad luck, they will have to remain subjugated to bachelorhood!

Yes, the author referred to above is right. These stereotypes are abominable, in the process the rabid male can get away with ribald jokes, murder, rape, whatever you might think. Introduce ‘sex education’ not sex centered education, in schools and colleges, at least up to class twelve. The last time this was mentioned there were two groups; one raised raucous, unintelligible noises, the other turned their faces away, taciturn, coyly. Come on be realistic man, our children need healthy education; they should also know that friendship among the opposite sex is natural, just as there are friends among the same sex. Instead the girl or the woman is objectified and objectivity as symbol of sex. Shame on you!

There is no need to be swayed by western paradigms on sex. It is not ‘western ‘ either. It is as old as man (woman) itself.

What is required now, in the light of the Delhi episode is to bring the culprits to book immediately, and adopt strict punitive measures for future culprits, call it fast track or whatever. No analysis, exegis, explication is required as to what went on to the making of this sordid event.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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