CSE boot camp for journalists: environment matters


IMPHAL/DELHI February 5:  As a part of its ongoing Boot Camp for journalists, the Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi is all set to take participating journalists on a field trip to Laporiya, Jaipur. 
In an exclusive interview with IFP, participants expressed their views on the theme of the camp- “Where Journalism meets Environment”. 
Garima Borwankar an Msc student in Climate Change and Policy, University of Brighton, UK said that coming from a context of climate change and policy background, she finds the program is a mixture of media and environment. “After the course, I will be able to open up my avenue to many things like using social media as a tool. This will also help me after I start an NGO of my own. The best part of the program is water management practices, ” she continued to say.
Another Participant from Delhi, Mayank Chandra, B Tech (Hons) in Agricultural and Food Engineering expressed that his experience at the Boot Camp, so far, has been fascinating.
The participants, coming from as diverse background, as imaginable, are an interesting mix says the curious fashionable film maker from London.
Bijay Bista, a journalist from Youth Mission, Nepal said that the CSE boot camp was a great opportunity.
“CSE has motivated us to discover more about Science and Environment, life skills, team work and cooperation,” he said.
Muhammad AL-Helal, a resource teacher of English at Ministry of Education, Dhaka said it was  exciting to be a part of an exercise that is foccussing on Journalism and environment as a holistic approach.
Akshay Nikam from Rajasthan said, the camp has made him reflect on his values and all things he took for granted. It opened his eyes on the environmental disaster we are heading towards as humanity and how our daily activities are degrading the environment. As an ICICI Fellow, he always thought that ‘education’ was the pill to cure poverty, superstition and empowering individuals. However, the present education system is actually the root cause of the problems we are in, Akshay added. He then said, going forward he would like to live with more awareness and educate himself for sustainable development. 
A number of expert discussions, movie screenings and classroom exchanges have resulted in facilitating a  better understanding of environmental and developmental rights and solutions both of which need to be looked at with a holistic perspective rather than through a narrow lens amongst the course participants. 


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