Festival of GC Tongbra, 2013


IMPHAL, February 4: Under the aegis of the Ministry of culture, Dept of culture, the Ougree Theatre Repertory of Kwakeithel Lai Nongshaba Lambi, Imphal and Festival Committee will organize the 2nd State level festival of GC Tongbra’s Plays for 2013. The collection of play will be showcased at MDU Hall, Yaiskul Police Lane, Imphal.

In relation with the upcoming festival, a press meet was held at the office of the Iboyaima Shanglen today. In the press meet, GA Rabichandra  Chairman of the festival committee said that festival of GC Tongbra’s plays was first started from last year. He said the festival will also continue this year starting from Feb 6 to 11. He said that all the plays will be performed at MDU Hall situated at Yaiskul Police lane. He said for this season, 5 new theatre groups will be invited to participate in the festival.

GA Rabichandra Sharma said that from the start of the festival last year the state Government had remained silent on an official request for financial support for the festival. He said the committee has since lost hope from the state governement and lauded the Ministry of Culture, Dept of culture for its support of the festival. The plays which are to be showcased at MDU Hall will be free for audience, he concluded.


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