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Harriet, the Spy

Harriet, the Spy

By:Manna Phanjoubam

Harriet, the Spy
Harriet, the Spy By:Manna Phanjoubam Photo Courtesy: wikipedia

The movie”Harriet,the spy” is totally fabulous.It is a thrilling movie for children.  I was amazed when I watched this movie. This movie was about the life of a girl called Harriet who always spied on people and wrote everything about everyone in her notebook. There was one thing she did wrong and it was that she also wrote the bad things about her two best friends, Sport and Genie. On one of her spying game, she sneaked in a rich woman’s house and tried to spy on her. Her spying equipments were quiet useful; it helped her a lot. But as you know, she cannot be that skilled to spy in a high security house. And the next moment, she was thrown out of the house but she never gave up and kept saying “I am a spy and spies never give up”. One day, when she was playing with her friends in the park, and she had forgotten that her spy notebook was with the other notebooks on the ground. Soon enough, Marian, a very rich but naughty girl picked up Harriet’s book because it looked like an interesting book as it had the word “PRIVATE” on the cover of the book. Soon she called everyone to hear her read out everything in the book. After that, everyone became Harriet’s enemy, even Sport and Genie. They all decided to take revenge on Harriet and for that, they organised a club called “The spy catcher’s club”. They took their revenge but they went too far torturing Harriet that she became angry and she decided to take revenge on them all and that was the best part. The way she took revenge on all of them was totally fab. After they all learned their lesson; including Harriet, they all forgave each other. They all agreed that Harriet should be the school newspaper editor as they knew she was good in English and that was a happy ending. There are many important things I didn’t mention in this article but I just wanted to show you what the movie is about. Every kid who watches this movie would want to become a spy in no time. Thank you for reading this article!!!

By:Manna Phanjoubam
Class: 5
Section: C
Roll no: 33
School: Maria Montessori School
Age: 10



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