Irom Sharmila: AFSPA will go only with people`s support


Manipur, IMPHAL, February 7: Irom Chanu Sharmila was today produced before the court of the Judicial magistrate 1st Class which has become a matter of a routine after every 15 days.

Speaking to media persons  after being produced before the court the Iron Lady of Manipur said “The possibilities and success of every movement depends on the general public because India is a democratic country governed by the people for the people of the people”.

Before embarking on the waiting vehicle which was to transport her to her hospital security room, Sharmila told the waiting media persons that she mentioned about receiving a letter from a Sociology Professor of Delhi University saying that he would like to bestow a scholarship of Rs 50,000 in her name for students coming from the state who are victims of the AFSPA and who are studying at Delhi.

Police escorting Sharmila on her way to the Judicial Magistrate 1st Class, Imphal East on Tuesday. From our archives : Might not be necessarily related to the news item

She continued that Meiteis of Assam have conferred her with the Kurungu Nayani Award.

She said the people of the state should think about why they have remained silent while others from outside the state have acted out so benevolently.

Showing displeasure over the attitude of the people of the state regarding the demand for repealing AFSPA, she said that people from outside have arrived in the state and are organizing campaigns on the issue, while the people of the state continue to remain indifferent.

She said she was aware that the National Alliance for People’s Movement will be organizing a week long campaign starting from February 8 in the state which will conclude with a fast on February 14.

Meanwhile, regarding the government’s denial to request for meetings with her, she said that the government has been acting according to its own wishes.

She continued that she has been  informed that she will be produced before the Patiala House Court on March 4.

When asked by the media about whether she will be accompanied by her doctors, she said she has no idea but mentioned that it would be best if the her team was limited to a few.

When Simon Denyer, Special Correspondent of Washington Post who was also among the waiting media people while Irom Sharmila was being produced at the court asked her whether she believed that her struggle will bring any change, she said she was certain of the change. “However it will be possible only after the people of the state including the politicians wake up against the Act,” she said.


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