Date: Saturday, 16 March or Sunday, 17 March 2013
Venue: To be communicated ASAP
Sl. no.Events Categories Timings
1 Badminton Mens’ doubles 8 am to 11 am

Date: Sunday, 24 March 2013
Venue: Country Club India Ltd., Hosur Road, Bangalore. Categories Timings
1 Table Tennis Mens’ singles 9 am to 6 pm
Mens’ doubles ——-do——-
2 Carrom Mens’ singles ——-do——-
Womens’ singles ——-do——-
3 50 m race Sub junior boys 10.30 am to 3.30 pm
Junior boys ——-do——-
Sub junior girls ——-do——-
Junior girls ——-do——-
Mens’ open ——-do——-
4 Spoon race Boys ——-do——-
Girls ——-do——-
Women ——-do——-
5 Tug of war (Thouri chingnaba) Women ——-do——-
6 Break the pot (Chaphu thugaibi) Women ——-do——-
7 Musical chair Boys ——-do——-
Girls ——-do——-
Women ——-do——-
8 Treasure hunt race Boys ——-do——-
Girls ——-do——-
9 Pot balancing race(Chaphu pubi) Women ——-do——-
10 Couple relay race Men & women ——-do——-
11 Football (Srinivas Singha Memorial
Men 7 am to 10.30 am & 3.30 pm to
6.30 pm

Rules & regulations/Information:
1. Each football team should have six(6) players with two(2) substitutes.
2. Each team should send in the players’ names’ list along with first name and surname of all
eight(8) players, one player’s contact number and email Id of each team(mandatory).
3. It is mandatory to wear football boots during the matches.
4. Matches will be played on knock out basis.
5. Timings are to be strictly maintained as we have just one day to conduct all the events.
6. Teams should arrive on time for the matches. Otherwise, walk over will be awarded to the
opponent team.
7. The teams should maintain uniform jerseys & shorts.
8. The trophy will be running and carry a cash prize.

Table tennis, badminton, carrom and football:
1. Last date of submission of entries: 10 March 2013.
2. Players should send their entries to [email protected] along with their first name
and surname, contact number and email Id (of at least one player in case of doubles and
team) with the subject in the below format.
For football: Yaoshang Sports 2013 – Football entry
For badminton: Yaoshang Sports 2013 – Badminton entry
For table tennis: Yaoshang Sports 2013 – Table tennis entry
3. The fixtures for the matches will be communicated to you before 15 March 2013.

1. It is mandatory for all the guests to avail of the arranged lunch service by buying the lunch
coupons. Please make sure you have your lunch coupons in hand or confirm to your near
MMAB executive member well in advance prior to the Sports meet (Sun, 24 March, 13).
2. If you do not know any MMAB executive member nor a MMAB member, please contact
Mr. Jenial Thiyam(9845434435) or Mr. Arun Yambem(9886605739) or Mr. Vivek
Ningthemcha(9886733647) or Mr. Dinesh Wangkem(9886866672) or Premjit
Laishangbam(9986767526) or Ibomcha Oinam( 9986535558) for obtaining your
lunch coupons.
3. The menu and price of the lunch will be communicated ASAP.
4. Come in your sports shoes and outfit.
5. Water and refreshment will be provided by MMAB at the venue.
6. Lunch will be served between 12 pm and 2 pm.
7. On contrary to earlier communication/notification, there will NOT be any event on Saturday,

23 March, 2013.
Place: Bangalore Sd/-
Date: 17/02/2013
Vivek Ningthemcha
For Publicity & Comm., MMAB



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