No entry for vehicles inside Kangla Fort from Feb 24


IMPHAL, February 22: The entery of vehicles inside the Kangla Fort will be banned except for the motorcade of the Governor and State Chief Minister from February 24 as per an order issued today by K Dinamani Singh, Superintendent of Archaeology Government of Manipur.

The order signed by R K Nimai, Member Secretary Kangla Fort Board stated that whereas there is a need to maintain the sanctity of the Kangla premises and whereas certain elements have misused the compound of the Fort for unwanted activities. It further added that the movement of large numbers of motor vehicles have impacted the natural habitation and wild life inside the Kangla and in pursuance of the decision taken by the Kangla Fort Board in its meeting held on 24-01-2013 vide resolution number 3, it has ordered that no vehicles will be permitted to enter and exit Kangla except the motorcades of the Governor and the Chief Minsiter of the state, staff working inside the Kangla and Committee members of the Kangla Fort Board.

The order further mentions that the vehicles of the staff working inside the Kangla and the members of the Kangla Fort Board and it committee members will enter the fort from the Southern gate only and that the vehicles are to be parked inside their office premises. The Northern and western main gate will remain closed and will be opened only when the Governor and the State Chief Minister’s motorcade passes through the Kangla. Similarly, official water tankers transporting water from inside the Kangla will be allowed to enter and exit from the southern gate only and no private water tankers will be allowed entry. The water pump inside the Kangla will also be closed from 10 am everyday to avoid inconvenience caused to visitors, it said.

The order also mentioned that all visitors shall enter Kangla Fort through the Southern gate after leaving their vehicles at the parking area inside Kangla and those who carry valid passes for morning and evening walks inside the fort area have to leave their vehicles outside and can enter inside only on foot through the pedestrian gates on all the three sides.


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