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NPF reacts to state cabinet stand on Rio

DIMAPUR, Feb 9 (NNN): The Naga People`s Front (NPF) today condemns the stand of the Manipur cabinet and the views of the advocate in Imphal who have termed the statements of Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio as a hate speech.

This reaction of the Central NPF in Kohima came after Manipur noted Advocate and rights activist Khaidem Mani and Manipur Cabinet had strongly remarked on the earlier comment of Nagaland chief minister Neiphiu Rio who had called Manipur Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh as `one of the biggest enemies of the Nagas`.

In a press statement, the NPF said, “This action of the Advocate (Khaidem Mani) and the Manipur cabinet is nothing but another example of how Nagas` rights and the Nagas` voice are being suppressed by the majority and the Manipur government.”

Further, giving a history of denial of entry to Naga citizens to their own native villages in Manipur, denial of entry to Nagaland Chief Minister to visit Manipur for launching of NPF party unit in Manipur, in May 2011, killing of  students at Mao Gate after the government ordered its commandos and para-military forces to open fire on peaceful unarmed civilians on 6th May, 2010 and opposition to any alternative arrangement for Naga people in the tripartite talks, it said that the NPF and the Nagaland Chief Minister have every right to speak up for the Naga people wherever our people live.

It claimed that the NPF is a recognized political party and is democratic in nature, peace loving and strives for universal brotherhood but “we will always stand up for the rights of the Nagas and we condemn the statements that the Nagaland Chief Minister’s statements are “hate speeches” and reiterate that expression of the feelings of the people is a democratic and fundamental right”. Meanwhile, the UNC in a press release has also reacted saying that it is for the public to judge whether the remarks of Neiphiu Rio was communal. He spoke for the people who were not being heard.  It will also be clear from several stances on who is to be booked under the IPC,” the release said.



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