WAD Manipur condemns the State’s biggest drug hauls involving Indian Army


WAD condemns the State’s biggest drug hauls involving Indian Army

Women Action for Development at the gravest term condemns the Black Sunday Drug Haul worth Rs. 25 crores from the possession of full-fledged Colonel, a PRO of Defence Wing stationed at M- Sector, Imphal named Col. Ajay Choudhury and five other associates while ferrying in 3 vehicles towards Moreh. The valorous steps taken up by the Thoubal Police Commandos to seize such amounts of contrabands from the possession of a Colonel led team of Indian Army is highly appreciated and distinctive. Such valiant and valorous act is demanded by the commoners of the state to uproot and eradicate the pervasive drug invasion and drug trafficking from the soil of Manipur.

The recent disbanding of Special Intelligence Unit reveals the involvement of several high personalities in the existing drug cartels. The Black Sunday Drug hauls worth Rs. 25 crores with the apprehension of a full-fledged Indian Army Colonel and his five associates by and large exposed the furtive activities carried out rigorously under AFSPA. WAD gravely condemns such disgraceful and illegitimate code of conduct carried out by the Indian Army under AFSPA and afraid that the consequences of this haul will leave to “Opening of the Pandora Box” like situation. Therefore, such issues should not be neglected at any costs and devalued by the State government. Disciplinary actions must be taken at the quickest way and strictest penalty must be delivered against the accused. If the concerned authorities neglected the issue and remained as scapegoats then the future of the generation next will be at stake and easily predicted for a narcotized society numbing the generation by the influence of these persisting drug menaces.

It is high time to take appropriate measures to completely eradicate these existing drug menaces from the soil of Manipur. It is us to take the initiatives and revolts for the end of drug trafficking. The identities of those personalities involved in the drug trafficking must be exposed and tabled to the public. The attractive hotspots of drug trading like North AOC (Namthilok), Lilong, Kshetrigao, Hapta, Kiyamgei, etc. (mostly Muslims inhabited areas) must be shielded at once without fail else it will rather leave an invitation for a call of another uprising (The Third Nupilal). Equal responsibilities should be shared among us to tackle the issue of drug invasion as collective efforts are necessary to combat it. Let’s us pledge to rise against such social menaces and combat to eradicate it completely from Manipur.

* The press release is sent by WAD Manipur


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