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RPF greets women on International Women’s Day

Manipur,IMPHAL, March 7: The Revolutionary Peoples Front (RPF) in a statement by its publicity secretary Roben Khuman has greeted the womenfolk of the state on the eve of the International Women’s Day.

It mentioned that the Manipuri society upholds the rights of women and gives due respect. `They are the mirror of our society and history is testament of the fact. The women have a large role to play in betterment of the society and in shaping a younger generation,` it said.

The release said `Indian nation plays petty politics in the name of women empowerment, but in reality subjugates them. The percentage of educated women in the State is 73 % but the rate of unemployment is 82 %. The women still face hardships in trying to earn a living and there is no social or economic freedom.`

Further, the women are subjugated and tortured behind the veil of numerous black laws. Some are physically violated, abused and widowed. Besides bringing laurels in the field of sports, education and culture, the mainland do not recognize the efforts, it said.

The case of Irom Sharmila fasting for more than 10 years is wholly ignored by the Union government and the rest of the country. It is high time that the womenfolk takes a stand and demand their rights and equal social and political status. To further bring about the achievement, the statement appealed that the Manipuri women should support the liberation movement, it concluded.



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