Meetei Lairik Pukei observes its 1st anniversary


IMPHAL, March 23: The Meetei Lairik Pukei, Bangladesh library has completed a year of existence today, informed a press release of the Meetei Lairik Pukei, Bangladesh.

The day was observed at Dhamai, Juri, Moulvibazar Bangladesh and attended by several elders, academicians, children, students, teachers etc, it said.

President of the library, Aheibam Birochadro alias Maijom also spoke on the occasion, it said.

In a bid to develop the Manipuri culture amongst the Meetei communities residing outside Manipur, the library also introduced Meitei Mayek classes from today at 2:30pm, the release said.

The annual awards instituted by Lairenjam Akhoi in the name of his father Lairenjam Borochandra (Pandit) of Dhamai, Bangladesh were also distributed during the function, the statement said.

Meanwhile, the library has also appealed to all to wish it success.


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