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N Sobhakiran is MPP president for three year term

IMPHAL, March 14: Nongmeikakpam Sobhakiran has been elected as the Manipur Peoples` Party President for a three year term as an uncontested candidate. This was announced today during the course of a party conference held at the MPP head office at Polo ground.

The MPP party conference was attended by the  newly elected president N Sobhakiran; MPP Advisor and former deputy Chief Minister Dr L Chandramani; Vice President ,MPP Amutombi; Vice president MPP H Manisana and Nabashyam State returning officer of MPP besides other party volunteers, youth and members of Mahila Mandal.

The announcement was made by Nabashyam, the party election state returning officer. He said that the post of the President was vacant from  December 14 and N Sobhakiran was acting as In charge of the post of President. “For the party`s election for the post of the President,  the party  had  to submit nominations for within 22 February to 5 march. Only N Shobhakiran filed the nomination papers with a further 10 delegates supporting him. As no other person filed  nomination paper, he was declared uncontested as the President,” he said.

Speaking at the party conference, Advisor of MPP Dr L Chandramani said that the party was going through tough times as shown by the inability to win in any seat in the  Manipur Assembly elections.

Addressing the gathering, the newly elected President, N Sobhakiran said that the MPP was established in the state as a regional party to save the state`s integrity and to work in the interest of the people of the state.   He also said that regarding the Inner Line Permit issue, the MPP will stand for its implementation to safeguard the indigenous people of the state.

He also said that the MPP does not take the AFSPA issue lightly. MPP will try to be in power and will be further mobilized in all the state assemble constituencies, he said.  



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