Opposition to take up drug issue in Assembly


IMPHAL, March 5: The present imbroglio following the import of pseudo-ephedrine into the State and involvement of individuals in power will be dissected in the upcoming 4th session of the 10thManipur Assembly session commencing from tomorrow.

The matter will be taken up by opposition leader MLA Dr. I Ibohanbi of the All India Trinamool Congress on the floor of the House and seconded by MLA, L Ibomcha of the Nationalist Congress Party.

The issue is slated for debate during the ‘Calling Attention Motion’ in the proceedings of the House.

MLA Ibohanbi told IFP  that there has been a huge amount of banned substances being smuggled into the state and there have not been no sufficient convictions despite the hue and cry from the public.

He mentioned that the matter needs to be pressed with utmost importance to the State authorities to prompt a reaction.

He further said that the matter of handing over the cases of smuggling to the Central Narcotic Bureau (CNB) regarding the recent arrest of drugs from the airport and Pallel seems to be a delaying tactic.

“Those in power and involved in the drug trade are trying to supress the case and further to find an escape route,” he said adding that the Dangerous Drugs Act,1985 has not been enforced and remained ignored at whole.

The concerned authorities inclusive of the CBI remains questionable as how soon will an effective reaction will be tendered by them, he said.

It is high time that an effective mechanism is implemented to bring the smugglers and those involved to book by the Governance, he added.


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