Rubber plantation workshop in Jiribam


JIRIBAM, March 20: A one day workshop on rubber & planting was held today at Kashimpur Alia Madrasa, Jiribam with Addl SP O Menjor Singh, MPS as the chief guest.

The workshop was organized by the Sonapur Rubber Producers Society, Jiribam and was attended by around 150 rubber farmers.

RK Nobinsana, President of the Rubber Grower Society Champanagar Jiribam and DO Regional Rubber Board Silchar, P Thomas attended the function as the President and Guest of honour respectively.

Addressing the workshop, Addl SP O Menjor said that Jiribam has seen a lot of changes. “Jiribam used to have a lot of green cover in the old days,” he said and added that people should plant more rubber plants and make it green once again.

He continued that if five individuals plant rubber plants and prepare a rubber jungle/farm, than it will benefit 1000 people.

He appealed to the rubber board not to neglect the rubber farmers and provide them with all possible helps.

P Thomas said that the North Eastern states of the country are suitable for rubber plantation and rubber plantation has helped the people to earn more.

He also added that the rubber board has always provided all possible help to the rubber farmers.

DO Regional Rubber Board, Silchar used a power point presentation during the workshop and showed on how to plant rubber.

Sonapur G.P pradhan Ashab Uddin, Addl Development Officer Sunil kumar and Surveyor Pradyut Chakraborty were also represent during the workshop.


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