School Headmaster asserts lack of infrastructure affecting Challou school


UKHRUL, March 20: The normal academic session of the students of the Challou primary School in Ukhrul district is in a pathetic situation due to the lack of minimum building infra-structures like new building extension, desks, benches and shortage of teaching staff at present because of the recent teachers’ transfer and posting spree taking place in full swing. 

Only two out of six teachers assigned to the village school have so far consented to join, the School Headmaster, KS Comfort and the village Headman AS Shanrei said, when this Ukhrul Correspondent of the IFP interacted with them at the village School Office. 

The actual position of teachers posted in the school is eight, but four more teachers are yet to report. At present, only 4 teachers including 2 earlier teachers are involved in teaching at the school which has classes from Nursery to standard VI with  49 students.

They also disclosed that the existing school building`s infra-structure with only 5 rooms that is standing at the west end of the village playground cannot accommodate the whole classes and that the school needs a new building extension. 

Though there is no status for Classes A&B in the Primary school but out of the philanthropic initiative concerning the students’ careers and the villagers interest in need, the  School administration and the village authority have been putting in their efforts in managing the classes in combined class rooms and henceforth, the selfless contribution towards the students’ welfare development by the school administration in collaboration with a close understanding with the village authority so far had led to the achievement of the village school to bag the 2nd position record of the best primary school in the year 2012-2013. Thereafter, the school was upgraded to Class VI.

The village authority has further appealed to the government through the media to expedite the construction of the new school building extension as the existing school building which is built inside the village playground is not convenient .

However, the school administration as well as the village authority have expressed gratitude and lauded the genuine service extension of the Ukhrul Deputy Commissioner, R Sudhan, and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), K Luckyson who looked into the grievances of the students by granting the reimbursement for 9 students who were not provided with school uniforms last year and the infrastructure of school desks and benches respectively.


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