Vehicle lifter gets public thrashing


IMPHAL, March 9: Police rescued a man who tried to lift a moped from being manhandled after a frenzied public turned violent against him near the Palace gate roundabout along the road towards Wangkhei.

The man, identified as Md Illihaz of Lilong Mayai Leikai was nabbed by the public near a shop while he was pushing away a Honda Activa (MN 01 E 88803) while the owner was buying things inside a shop.

The vehicle owner, who identified himself as Salam Vicky said he had parked his moped on the other eastern side of the road and was buying things inside a shop on the western side of the road.

He said while buying something, he happened to turn around and saw someone pushing away his moped at which he came out and shouted for the person to halt.

He went after him and caught the man with his moped and in the melee, both fell down to the ground following which, a big crowd formed around them and started inquiring.

Soon after realizing that the man was trying to lift the moped, the crowd turned violent and started attacking the thief. Police arrived soon and rescued the man and took him under their custody.


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