Center planning to set up a University in Mon, state buying time


KOHIMA, Apr 19 (NEPS): It is good news for the people of Mon district of Nagaland that the Government of India has reportedly chosen the district for the establishment of a Central University there. According to sources, the Government of India has already announced to establish a Central University in each state of the country.

It is reported that the Government of India has reportedly chosen Mon district of the state as it is the most backward district in the state and wanting to uplift the areas. It is also reported that the Center has already sought necessary clearance from the state government for the establishment of the University in the district.

Methna Konyak, president of the Konyak Students’ Union (KSU), has confirmed this development saying that land was not the problem for establishment of the Central University in their district. “We have already conveyed that land very ideal for establishment of any Central University is available in the district,” he told NEPS over from Mon headquarters Friday. “But the state government is buying time taking excuse of not having colleges in the district.”

The backwardness of the district is not the false of the people of the district but the state government, he said describing the backwardness of the district as “man-made.” He further asked, “Where have the DUDA, Special Plan Assistance (SPA) money of Rs 300 crore, LADF and other fund meant for ENPO area development gone?” “All those claims of development under various schemes are only in the papers and not in reality,” he alleged saying the successive governments had been neglecting the district.

In the meantime, the KSU leader lauded parliamentary secretary for High Education Deo Nukhu for having visited the only Wangkhao Government College in the district and assuring for opening “science stream” in the college. “This college is the only college in the district,” he disclosed and further asked the parliamentary secretary to expedite construction works of various college blocks. All the construction works of the various blocks of the college remained dormant since long time back, he disclosed.

Konyak also said chief minister Neiphiu Rio while attending a rally in Tuensang promised to open a “Science College” in Mon district.
“Although we are very happy for the assurance of opening science stream given by the visiting parliamentary secretary, it is very appropriate to also introduce science streams in Higher Secondary Schools at least in Tizit and Aboi areas,” Methna added. He said at the moment, there was only one Higher Secondary School at Mon with science stream but hardly 50 students could be accommodated in a year. “So unless few more Higher Secondary Schools, at least one each at Tizit and Aboi are given with Science Streams, introducing Science Steam in Wangkaho College itself will not help,” he added.

The KSU leader also said there were shortages of science and math teachers numbering about 50 in the district and further opined that recruitment of teachers for the district should be open to all India level. “We want dedicated teachers here,” he added saying that “Our local teachers, once appointed to service in the district, will go away within no time along with the posts and the ultimate victims are the innocent students in the district.”


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