Levelling of Ukhrul school draws donations


    UKHRUL, April 25: The Eden Resource Center (ERC) located at Lanai at the Toloi junction which is tucked just 7-9 kilometer west of Ukhrul Police station is gaining a tremendous development with the help of the well-wishers and donors towards the upliftment of destitute children and orphans.

    Ukhrul MLA Samuel Risom has extended his contribution in levelling the main institute campus measuring approximately 4.5 hectares  with the help of a bulldozer owned by Paothan Luikham which in terms of the cost of work could be roughly estimated to Rs 4 lacs.

    Following the generous contributions from many sides, the status of the destitute 40 children living in the center has tremendously improved, said VS Tanmila, Secretary of the ERC while expressing gratitude to all the well-wishers during a press conference held at its campus participated by all teaching staffs, 40 students, chairman and secretary before the media persons.


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