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Press Release from North-East Forum For International Solidarity

Sir/Madam 10.4.2013

As you would be aware NEFIS (North-East Forum for International Solidarity) had been running a resolute campaign against the nefarious design of Delhi University to make Hindi/MILs compulsory from next academic year onward. Such a step would have created extreme hardships for the students of the North-East in pursuing education at Delhi University and would have resulted in their further marginalization in the job market. To stop this measure from being implemented NEFIS organized a sustained campaign in which students from all the numerous communities of the North-East participated. As many as three protest demonstrations were organized by NEFIS at Delhi University and the fourth protest demonstrations was held at the ministry of Human Resource Development (GOI). Through our campaign we were able to create a great deal of pressure on the Delhi University and the government of India. We are glad to inform you that owing to our hard struggle the University administration was finally forced to bow to our demands and withdraw the clause of compulsory language course. Today the University administration informed NEFIS that all our demands had been accepted. NEFIS thanks its supporters, cadres and the media for making this campaign successful and resolves that it would keep serving as a platform to safeguard the interests of all the people of the North-East against racism, chauvinism and other forms of oppression, cutting across community lines.

Yours Sincerely,

Chinglen Khumukcham.


NEFIS (North-East Forum for International Solidarity)

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