Rally over Alice Kamei postponed


    IMPHAL, April 18 (NNN): The planned democratic, peaceful and silent public rally which was meant to be held on April 19 has been postponed temporarily due to the sudden imposition of a general strike by the Join Action Committee (JAC) against the burning of two trucks and killing of a driver on National Highway-37 near Sekjang village about 43 Km from Imphal within the jurisdiction of Sapermeina Police Station.

    “The decision to postpone the planned rally was taken by the AZSU, ZYF and ZSUM in a joint sitting at the ZSUM office. The overwhelming public response to participate at the public rally and express their solidarity to Alice Kamei, a minor school girl who has been held captive by RPF/PLA since March 10, is completely dampened by the sudden imposition of general strike and chaka bandh,” AZSU, ZYF and ZSUM said in a statement.

    “The total bandh on national highways linking Manipur to be effected from April 21 midnight will be effective till the minor school girl is released as announced earlier. We appeal all organizations, truckers, and concern responsible citizens to extend their fullest co-operation and support in the interest of justice. The decision to impose total bandh on the national highways was arrived at during the public meeting held on April 12 at Majorkhul Community Hall, Imphal,” they added.


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