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Reviving “The Beatles” thru Cadence, Rehab, Legame Di Voci

KOHIMA, Apr 15 (NEPS): The love of music in the “Land of Festivals” never dies. The “music” is a blend to the Nagas. Again the state capital is going to witness very rare music events this time in the form of reviving and bringing back memories of eternal “songs” of famed “The Beatles” under the theme – “The Beatles Mania” – at The Heritage (Old DC Bungalow), Kohima on April 27 at 4:00 PM.

With the current fad and fashion in the music industries, the value and beauty of the old music is slowly diminishing, said Theja Kire, a member of “Aspire” which organizes the “unique show.” With the view of presenting the Beatles in three different shades of music, the most popular and the most sung Beatles numbers will be presented by 3 bands – Legame Di Voci, Rahab and Cadence, said Kire. “Their performances will be unique to each other,” he further added.

Dr. Neikiesalie Kire, Parliamentary Secretary for Law and Justice, Land Revenue and Labor and Employment, himself not only a great music lover but also avid singer, will grace this “Events.” The Aspire Team also welcomes everyone to this evening show to listen and dine with the memories of the days past.

Beatles Mania to revive & bring back memories of The Beatles at Kohima



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