Satyabhama murder condemned from various quarters


IMPHAL, April 6: The brutal murder of Dr Ningombam Satyabhama (31), a Junior Research Fellow in Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, D/o N Tomba of Kakwa Laishram Selungba Leikai has been met with vociferous condemnations from various civil society groups and political parties in the state.

In a statement, the Poirei Leimarol Meira Paibi Apunba Manipur (PLMPAM) expressed its strong condemnation of the incident and pointed out that many such incidents of killing a women and abandonment of the dead body have been witnessed earlier. However, the culprits were not given befitting punishment till date. If the government had taken strong precautionary measures in time then the incident of Satyabhama might not have occurred, it said. The government as a precautionary measure should produce the culprits and give them stern punishment publicly so that such crimes do not repeat in future. PLMPAM will cooperate with the movements taken up by the JAC and share the grief of the bereaved family, it added.

Meanwhile, the Manipur State Commission for Women has also strongly condemned the said brutal murder. In a meeting held at the chamber of Dr L Ibetombi Devi, Chairperson with all the members, member secretary and staffs of MSCW it has been resolved to pursue the authority for immediate arrest of the culprits.In its statement, MSCW has also strongly condemned the criminal act of rape committed by Rajesh Kumar to a minor Nepali girl student aged about 13 years on March 27 last at Ukhrul.


The All Manipur Women Voluntary Association (AMAWOVA) has  condemned the brutal killing of Ningombam Satyabhama and stated that such crimes against women has caused restlessness and panic to the women of the state.

According to its press release,  AMAWOVA noted that the frequency of such crimes increases as the present government do not give timely punishment to the culprits. “The government should produce the culprits and give them stern punishment publicly so that such crimes do not repeat in future,” it said while adding that the association will cooperate with the movements taken up by the JAC.

 L Ibomcha Singh, MLA and President of the Nationalist Congress Party Manipur State Unit strongly and vehemently condemned the brutal murder of Dr Ningombam Satyabhama in a statement which added that the culprit(s) should be immediately arrested and punished by the concerned authority. The family of the deceased should be adequately compensated by the state government, it said while pointing out that the lives and dignity of womenfolk in Manipur are exposed to a dangerous condition.  It is high time for the state government to review present law and order situation, it added.

Meanwhile, according to a statement of Shiv Sena Manipur State, it strongly condemned the brutal murder and demanded the government to immediately nab the culprit and award befitting punishment.

The incident shows that the government is poor in administration and cannot control the crime against women. It is obvious that there are many gaps in the functioning of security forces and intelligence networks of the government, it added.

The Coalition against Drugs and Alcohol (CADA) has also condemned the murder by stating that the incident is an act of merciless animal. Even if voices are made worldwide to empower women, their fate  is in a critical condition in Manipur.


  1. I do strongly condemned the brutal killing of the lady and share my deepest condolence with the family of the deceased. But what I really wantd to know is “Is Bandh for continous 3 days really necessary for showing the agitatn and protest against the killing?” there is alrdy a huge loss due to this bandh specially to those who earn their living frm daily wages. Wht is the main aim of this bandh? The loss of the lady is very huge but there r other ways to show protest and giving an alarm to the government? Who is responsible for the killing? Is it the “praja” responsible for the killing who is suffring the most due to this bandh or this dead govrnment who cud hv prevent the killing by its law enforcers? Where were the police personnels covering the area whr the dead body ws abondent? I feels instead of 3 days continous the JAC concernd sud storm the government n the police post n its personnels who failed to notice someone coming n abondon a dead body. But pls STOP this bandh. One “Nirbhaya” ws gang raped n killed in delhi…there ws no bandh, yet thousands of people came out of its own, protest n finally government hd to came out n take stern action agnst the culprits.


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