Canal collapse at Khuga Dam


LAMKA, May 13: About 10 metre of the left side canal of the Khuga Dam Multipurpose project collapsed yesterday, even as a big cracks have been detected on another portion of the wall.

The collapse comes on the heel of the FCI godown wall collapse earlier.

During a spot visit, it came to light that the basic structure of the collapsed canal would have to be altered if the canal is to be made functional or safe for the people of the Konpui locality.

The width of the dam also seems to be narrowing down as it progresses and at the collapse site, the canal is just about 4 feet wide.

The collapse wall presents a direct threat to a residential house belonging to the Zoremi family as it is just next to the wall.

Meanwhile, locals have also complained that they get water through the canals only when it rains.

Local residents living along the canal said that they will be evicted without warning with this weather refusing to die down and the authority on the project still going by the paper specification.

One villager said there is no logic in the construction as the place to be irrigated are already half gone and maintained that the project is a mere excuse to eat up public funds.

It may be recalled that GS Haupu, MLA of Singat had instructed the workers not to use the ballast which is not meant for use in construction.

A mason working on the site said that they are only following orders and so they don’t have any say on the matter.

Though the official side of the story is yet to come out, workers at the spot defended the incident saying that the water coming from the drains of the locality is partly responsible for the collapse as they just divert their water downwards.


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