Fertilizer agent caught on wrong foot


IMPHAL, May 23: The All Manipur Fertilizer Welfare Dealers’ Association has today called a press conference alleging that a fertilizer sub-agent from Khongjom identified as Bhama Singh was caught while trying to sell off fertilizer bags in the black market.

Speaking to media persons at the association’s Chingmeirong office, spokesperson Y Iboyaima said members of the association during an inspection yesterday found Bhama Singh loading bags of fertilizer brand `Moti`, which is not in production at present, into a DI Truck (bearing regd no MN 01 W 1245) owned by one Sanjit of Yairipok.

The DI truck was loaded with around 71 bags, he said. Bhama was trying to sell off the fertilizers at Rs 400-450 per bag, he alleged.

The members found around 200 bags in total in the sub-agent’s godown at his Khongjom residence, he claimed while saying that the empty bags which looked brand new after being filled up by a fertilizer of another brand were stitched up to look like new.

Though production of the fertilizer brand was stopped some years back, the members found that the bags all look brand new, he said and claimed that the Agriculture Officer, headquarter could be hand in glove with the sub-agent in the illegal business.

Whenever a truck brings fertilizer into the state, either the truck or the fertilizer owner has to pay Rs 10 per bag at the government fertilizer godown whether the truck unloads the bags at the godown or not, he said while demanding from the concerned authorities to clear up on how the amount so collected is being used.


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