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Late night windstorm wreaks havoc at CCp


By Our CCpur Correspondent
LAMKA, May 2: A strong windstorm caused havoc blowing off the roof of several houses and uprooting atleast two schools at CCpur last night about 10:30 pm.
Several locals had to vacate their houses and seek safer places for the night as their roofs were all blown away by nature’s fury which the locals call “Salpha Sagih- macho seven brother”.
At least two schools were ravaged by the wind notably Gandhi Memorial High School, Mualnom where 70% of the infrastructure was destroyed while the other one a makeshift school at Saiput was torn down to the ground.
The building housing the CCpur Fire Brigade was also rendered roofless by the strong wind and there are also reports of 70% of tents at the ongoing Mela at Hiang tam Lamka Public Ground being damaged.
The house of Chinkhanlian (45), of Mission Veng was rendered roofless by the storm wind which blew off the whole roof and deposited it more than 200 meters away.
Another house at Vengnuam New Lamka owned by one Ginngaih Lian was also grounded by the wind but was restored by the YPA of the area.
Another roof of a house at Suangshibok village was also blown off.
Speaking to IFP, Siami said that her house had been destroyed by a similar storm last year.
Lamenting and recounting her past experiences at the same time, she expressed her unhappiness that no one including the district administration had come to inquire her at the time, let alone provide help.
She expressed her desire to have the administration look into the plight of the general public at such a time of misfortune.
Meanwhile, the people of CCpur had been without elctricity for the whole day following the storm yesterday. The situation is likely to extend for two or more days. Meanwhile, the EE of CCPur when contacted by the IFP has said that he will look into the matter at the earliest.



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