Nature`s fury leaves damages behind


LAMKA, May 3: Heavy downpour accompanied by hailstorm ravaged several parts of Churachandpur this early morning. Hail, some as large as an egg were witnessed during the hailstorm which resulted in a lot of houses being damaged.

It even forced several persons to flee from their tin roof houses and take support under something more solid.

A lot of families at New Lamka had to flee from their damaged houses and take shelter at places being run by philanthropic organizations of the area.

Maximum impact of the hailstorm was felt in Khominthang, New Lamka where more than 70 houses have been reduced unfit for human occupation.

There are also reports of houses being damaged in the suburb area like the Mission compound area and Tuithapi area.

A Church was reportedly damaged and though the news is still unconfirmed till this report is file many schools, according to sources have also been damaged.

No human casualties have been reported but there are some reports of  livestock being killed in Tuithapi village, Rankai , Tuibuang etc.

A house lies in wrecked after the hailstorm at CCpur on Friday
A house lies in wrecked after the hailstorm at CCpur on Friday


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