NPMHR calls on PM to speed up Indo-Naga talk process


IMPHAL, May 13: The Naga Peoples Movement For Human Rights (NPMHR) has submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister requesting his intervention in expediting the Indo-Naga Peace talks and to immediately release all “Naga political prisioners”.

It has said that the Naga people have been waiting patiently for a solution that will end the cycle of violence and bloodshed that Nagas have gone through before the onset of the Indo-Naga peacetalks.

“However, almost sixteen years since the ceasefire, no end or honorable solution is in sight”.

It further claimed, “On the other hand, Indian state forces and its various agencies are functioning in total impunity; going against the central spirit of the ceasefire ”.

It cited, “For instance, the National Investigation Agency (NIA), on September 27, 2010, illegally picked up and arrested Ningkhan Anthony Shimray, Head of the Foreign Affairs of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim-IM (NSCN-IM) from Kathmandu International Airport on the allegation that he was to procure arms to wage war against India”.

“Significantly, Ningkhan Anthony Shimray was on his way to New Delhi on the invitation of the NSCN-IM leadership to participate in the Indo-Naga peace talks between the GOI and NSCN-IM which was scheduled to be held on September 29, 2010 at New Delhi”, it claimed.

“The NIA and other Indian State agencies in many other instances have since then arrested and attempted to apprehend key senior Naga leaders, even going to the extent of summoning leaders to the office”, it continued.

“This attempt to isolate and segregate leaders who represent the aspirations of the Naga people for peace forces us to question whether the GOI has any sincere intent to enter into any solution”, it said before adding that the Naga people have been patient; “We are persuaded that peace is the only win-win situation for both the Naga people as well as India. The dilatory tactics of the GOI and attempts to hinder any viable solution is harmful to all the stakeholders including the GOI”.

It further urged for the release of Ningkhan Anthony Shimray be released immediately.


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