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Press Release on UNC Political Tour in Senapati District

Dated Tahamzam, 27th May, 2013

The final leg of the political tour of the UNC in Naga areas was undertaken in Tahamzam(Senapati) district in association with the Naga Peoples’ Organisation and the 5 constituent tribes councils of the region from the 27th to 29th April, 2013. The areas covered in the tour included Senapati District Headquarters, Mao Gate, Tadubi, Tunggam, Tungjoy, Liyai, Maram and Willong. As in the earlier legs of the tour in which Chandel, Ukhrul and Tamenglong district were covered, an on the field study of the socio-economic conditions of the Nagas which is weakening by the day was undertaken and verification made on the tall claims made by the Government of Manipur on schemes/projects submitted in the tripartite talk as development initiatives taken up by them in tribal areas.

The tour programme concluded with a joint meeting with frontal organisations including the Naga People’s Organisation, The Senapati District Women’s Association, Senapati District Students’ Association, Senapati- Karong Town Committee, the Tribe Councils of the Region and social leaders. The contours of the tripartite talk process on the demand for an alternative arrangement outside the Government of Manipur was highlighted in the joint meeting which also emphasised on the need to be organised and be in continued preparedness for taking forward the people’s movement to its logical conclusion.

District Sports Complex at Karong with cost of Rs 15 crores and all 15 crores released. Reported as ongoing.

The joint meeting reiterated the condemnation on the inhuman manner in which eviction of the bona fide residents of Naga River Colony was carried out by the Government of Manipur on the pretext of construction of a 5 star hotel. The eviction of 28 houses left more than 100 school going children homeless and 3 churches mowed down. The eviction was systematically carried out by first coming out with non-existent fault finding on land “patta”, then issuing back dated eviction orders which did not allow the resident to salvage whatever is possible from their houses and the meeting termed it as a clear move to grab the legitimate homestead of tribals and place of worship of Christians. Even standing court ruling of maintaining status quo was not honoured. 5 Stars hotels are not supposed to disown people of their homes. The meeting maintained that Government of Manipur’s communal agenda for the eviction, veiled behind the 5 stars hotel project was reflective of their wider design to disown tribals and Christian of their lands and emphasised on the dire need to take up suitable course of actions to protect tribal rights.

The entire tour programme was hosted by the Naga People’s Organisation.

Water supply scheme at Senapati (2008-2009) at cost of 3 crores and reported as completed

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United Naga Council



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