Press Release – TAPTA Fan Club, Facebook


TAPTA Fan Club, Facebook

Date: 10/05/13

New Delhi

We are obliged and showing our gratitude to North East Brothers on the successful and eventful N-E tour of our GURU TAPTA with the brotherhood message to all the Manipuris residing in the North-east states outside Manipur.

We would like to personally thank North East Brothers & TAPTA Band for making it a successful tour with the last concert conducted on May 1, 2013 at BOAT, Imphal.

Hope to see North East Brothers organize such events more often and even bigger ones, spreading the message throughout India and abroad.

However, we due heartedly condemn the act of AMMA (Aizawl) for being an obstacle on conducting the concert in Aizawl. Whatever the confusion or disagreement was, it should had been communicated long before the tour had started and diminished the misunderstandings. It would have been a huge satisfaction for all the fans in and outside Aizawl, had the concert been conducted as scheduled.

We would request AMMA and any other organization to support such events (not only TAPTA but any musical or cultural events) instead of discouraging the organizers.

Thanks & Regards,


TAPTA Fan Club, Facebook


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