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`We will never give-up our fight against State Govt`: Kabo Leikai JAC

IMPHAL, May 30: The JAC initiated against the eviction of Naga River Lane or Kabo Leikai has in a release said that not even a single tribal victim has received/accepted any compensation allegedly offered by the State Government till date and will not do so.

“The State Government should genuinely consider our demand instead of miss-feeding some quarters that some victims have accepted the compensation. The Government might use various propaganda, but our standpoint is clear and there is no point of turning back under any circumstances,” the release said. 

“We demand the re-construction of all the houses uprooted forcefully, we will never give-up our fight against the action of the State Government in driving out tribals from the valley even at the cost of our life. The JAC has started mobilization for a state wide protest and if any communal misunderstanding arise the present anti-poor State Government should be held responsible,” it said. 

“The Naga River Colony Village populated by different religion, caste and creed since time immoral and who had also obtained necessary pattas had been uprooted within a blink of an eye by this present Govt. of Manipur on the fateful day of 20th May, 2013, after cancelling their genuine patta,” it said.

The District Magistrate, Imphal passed back dated order 9th May, 2013, and served the same to the villagers on the morning of 18th may, 2013 to vacate the land within May 19 but all surprise some villagers were forcedly evicted without even serving the back dated order May 9 the JAC alleged.  



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