Arm persons torch huts

    IMPHAL, June 14 (NNN): The Headman of Thingjang village under Saikul in Senapati district of Manipur has claimed  that a large number of armed people from the neighbouring village of Khongbal Tangkhul have torched around 20 huts and destroyed standing vegetable crops grown in the field measuring about 20 acres

    Tangkhohao Haokip, chief of the Thingjang village told Newmai News Network that around 20 huts in the village were burned down by armed persons from the nieghbouring village who later destroyed the standing crops by spreading poisonous substance in the field around 10 am.

    He claimed the properties lost in the arson including the devastation of the crops would be worth around 20 lakh. The village chief urged the concerned authorities to look into the matter at the earliest and demanded that the Government pay proper compensation to the victims of the incident.

    He also warned that launching of intense agitation might become the only choice of the Thingjing villagers if the Government fails to act on time.



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