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Dr.Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei goes for Mr. World: for Manipur

Dr.Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei goes for Mr. World: for Manipur

Hello everyone! My name is Dr. Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei, Senior Mr. Asia No. 1. Some of you might have heard about me and some of you haven’t yet. I have settled in Taipei, Taiwan as a Taiwanese citizen and been working as an English Professor for the last sixteen years. Besides my full time job, taking care of four kids I have competed and won many Taiwan nationals, East Asian (competed 3 times) and Asian Championships (competed six times). Not only these, I have also competed two times in Asian Games and six times in Mr. Universe.

Unfortunately, except the Mr. Sub Junior Manipur and Imphal West where I got first and second placings respectively, all the other championships I competed for JNU, Delhi, or Taiwan. Every time I won I was happy, excited and proud of myself. But deep inside my heart I was not really happy. Every time I won a contest I always asked this question in my heart, “Nahakkipoknapham, lairajarabi, wajarabi, kappatanamapunsikemlaba, mitlupirangkangbakhangjadraba, neihatpirabaEemaKangleipakkidikadai?” This question always tormented my heart. I have been thinking how I can compete, at least once for my home land Kangleipak, Manipur. I like to pay back something in my own capacity. But I never got the chance as I was always in Taiwan team. But this time I took the courage to be away from Taiwan Bodybuilding Federation and not to compete in the IFBB. And I am also free from Indian Federations. I have nothing to do with the Indian federations (2 Federations now). Instead, I chose to sponsor myself all the expenditure and compete for my long cherished dream – to compete for my beloved Mother, Kangleipak. I am ready to face any consequences I may face from Indian or Taiwan Federations. I also know, I will get nothing from the Government of Manipur or India, or Taiwan. It’s okay. I don’t expect either. As long as I can go for my long cherished dream, to go for my homeland Kangleipak and show to the whole world, that there is one tiny place called Manipur, whose people could defeat the Mainland Indians as well as the whole world in many fields, especially in sports, it is worth doing. I love my homeland, Kangleipak, Manipur.

Dr.Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei goes for Mr. World: for Manipur

The reason for choosing to compete in the INBA’s Mr. World in Greece is that this is the right one for a natural bodybuilder like me. I belong here, and I wish many aspiring young bodybuilders from my homeland, Manipur as well as from Taiwan follow me in their venture to the top. I like them to see their bright future, as champions, not as sick bodybuilders who look big and strong but sick inside and disappear in a few years. For me bodybuilding is not just a sport to win some titles but it is part of my healthy and happy lifestyle. Of course, I love to compete, challenge and win to improve myself, and show I am somebody. But I don’t believe in winning, sacrificing my own health, my life and my family. That is why I love to compete in the INBA’s natural competitions. This is what I did before, and I will follow the same.

I have been training as best as I could for the last one year or so and have few days to go for the coming Mr. World Championship which will be held at Zakynthos, Greece from 5th to 7th July, 2013. I am not sure what position is stored for me in the championship. I may win with all your prayer and support, or may not. Winning and losing is part of the game. But I am already very happy and excited to represent my homeland, Kangleipak. I feel really proud to be the son of Manipur.



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