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Mt Everest expedition team received with great fanfare

IMPHAL, June 6: The Mountaineering and Trekking Association and Observation Committee of 12th The Great June Uprising, Unity Day 2013 (AMUCO and UCM) today organized a reception ceremony of the state team of the 1st North East India Mt Everest Expedition Team 2013 and the two NCC cadets who had recently summited the Mt Everest.

The reception ceremony was held today at the Khuman Lampak Sports Complex, Mani Stadium.

Speaking at the function, the first woman Mt Everest summiteer from the state, N Bidyapati said while climbing the Mt Everest, nature is one’s audience.

State team of the 1st North East India Mt Everest Expedition Team 2013 posing for the lens during the reception ceremony held at Khuman Lampak Sports Complex on Thursday

She further said that even though she along with her team had succeeded in their attempt, the weather was bad.

KT Rahaman, chairman, Observation Committee of 12th The Great June Uprising, Unity Day 2013 speaking on the occassion, said “Even though the state is small, we are able to produce people who have brought laurels for the state. The state is proud of the Mt Everest Submitters from the state”.

While appealing to the people not to give up easily, he asked all to emulate the success of the Mt Everest summiteers and give their level best in everything they do.

While expressing his happiness and pleasure over his participation in the ceremony, he assured all possible help and support from the committee to the mountaineers in the future too.

Speaking at the function RK Ranendrajit, former president of Manipur Mountaineering and Trekking Association (MMTA) said MMTA was established in September 21, 1980.

From the day of its inception, MMTA has always attempted to produce a team to summit the Mt Everest and today the association has seen its first success, he said.

He was quick to add that it would be hard to achieve such feats without the support and help of the people.

Meanwhile, elaborating on the lack of proper funding, the former president of the MMTA said that there is a lot of difference in the funding received by MMTA and other states.

He said MMTA receives a small amount from the Centre when compared to the fund received by other associations of other states of the country.

He further said with the effort of the association Mountaineering Regional Institution might come up in the state.

The reception ceremony was attended by Dr L Surjit Singh, leader of the team, Puyamcha Mohon, successful Mt Everest climber, N Bidyapati Devi, successful first lady Mt Everest climber of Manipur, N Chingkheinganba Meitei, the youngest successful Mt Everest climber of the Northeast India, N Robert, climber, James Waribam, climber, Dr L Nelson, medical doctor of the expedition team, Ch Shankar and Ph Bidyachand Singh, successful Everest climbers from NCC were honoured during the function.



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