`Reckless driving, poor road condition-killers on NH 2`


KANGPOKPI, June 22: Reckless driving and poor condition of roads are the main factors responsible for the frequent road mishaps along the National Highway No 2, said Chungkam Haokip, president of Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills today at Damdei where an unfortunate road mishap resulted in the dead of a person.

“Road accidents or mishaps are more frequently caused by reckless drivers rather than faulty vehicle and it also happens when individuals neglect or try to overlook the laid down rules and regulations governing the use of roads”, pointed out the Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills president adding that, over speeding which also accounts for one of the major causes of road accidents happened when drivers deliberately drive above the regulated speed limits either to show-off or just for fun.

They thus put their life and the lives of many other road users at risk, he added.

“Another factor for the frequent road accidents is the inability of some drivers to understand and obey road signs”, noted C Haokip while adding that road signs play significant roles in preventing road mishap and must never be neglected.

He further pointed out that driving under the influence of alcohol is also one main reason of frequent road accident along NH-2 adding that small quantity of alcohol is enough to make one lose control especially when behind the wheels and many road accidents and death along the NH-2 recently are due to driving under the influence of alcohol case.

Besides, illegal issue of driving licence to under-aged youths and untrained drivers who does not possess driving skills by the responsible authority, the ever increasing use of mobile phones while driving are also responsible for frequent road accidents along NH-2, added C Haokip.

He further added that, the neglected road of NH-2 along Sadar Hills is in a pathetic state.

Its development and maintenance have not kept pace with the growth in vehicular population. Consequently, there are accidents, serious injuries and deaths all around. Roads along Sadar Hills particularly the NH-2 are starting to turn red with human blood from recent time while adding that it will be wise on the part of the state government and the concerned authority to implement and take immediate as well as effective measures to check the ever increasing number of road accidents and casualties along NH-2 particularly within Sadar Hills.

The Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills president Chungkam Haokip while suggesting some preventive measures to ensure road safety said that, the most important method to bring down road accidents is strict enforcement of speed limit and imposed heavy penalty on all reckless drivers who cross the regulated speed limit and cause accidents.

Giving permission to constructs speed breakers along the highway within the congested public places will also help prevent road accidents, suggested. Haokip.

He also appealed to the govt and the concerned authority to check the development and maintenance of road particularly NH-2 within Sadar Hills so as to prevent road accident in future while warning to bear all responsibilities of human casualities due the frequent accidents caused by the neglected pathetic road condition of the NH-2 within Sadar Hills.


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