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Release of funds for Thoubal district begins with e-transfer services

IMPHAL, June 7: The release of funds has been initiated following implementation of electronic benefit transfer (EBT) in Thoubal district so as to make funds of schemes, flagship programs taken up by the Government of India including SSA, Mid-day meal, NSAP etc. directly reach beneficiaries and while the opening of bank accounts for job card holders of MGNREGS is in the process.

Briefing the media at a press meet held at his office chamber, T. Ranjit Singh, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Thoubal informed that Managers were instructed not to release funds of any sort for beneficiaries who opened band account without complying with the guidelines for all the schemes, beneficiaries or pensioners who have not opened bank accounts at all.

DC Ranjit further said that efforts are on to streamline all the departments. Besides, as per stringent instructions of the Department of financial services sector under the Ministry of Finance, government of India, it is cited that e-transfer policy should be implemented with an objective for 100% of funds for centrally sponsored schemes to be made available properly to beneficiaries/pensioners.

As per the guidelines, District Social Welfare Office, Thoubal has provided funds to beneficiaries and pensioners who opened bank accounts properly recommended by district level committee of National Social Assistance Programme following e-transfer (electronic benefit transfer).

DC wrote to Manager of UBI, Bank, and Thoubal to deposit the total amount of Rs. 1, 21, 94, 800 /- for the total 6, 683 pensioners for Indira Gandhi National Old Aged Pension Scheme, (including above 80 years of age), Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme and Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension Scheme under NSAP in their own bank accounts through EBT.

Pensioners who have not opened their bank accounts will be made to open their accounts by setting a deadline. If they even do not open accounts within the stipulated time, they will be considered as fake and will be struck off. More than 40% of pensioners have not opened their bank accounts yet for the schemes.

The Deputy commissioner said that an amount of Rs. 72, 04, 000 (rupees seventy two lakhs four thousands) was also released through e-transfer meant for the purchase of school uniforms of 222 schools (135 for Thoubal and 87 for Kakching block) of the district under SSA scheme.

Altogether an amount of Rs. 42, 59, 992 (rupees forty two lakhs fifty nine thousand nine hundred ninety two) was e-transferred to the accounts of SMC/SMDC of the 113 schools including govt. aided schools of Kanching block. This amount is the cooking cost of 102 days of the mid day meal scheme from July to December 2012 and the honourium for the cook cum helpers. An amount of Rs. 49, 67, 441 (forty nine lakhs sixty seven thousand four hundred forty one) was also released of the Thoubal block for 161 schools of the same period, the DC expressed to the gathering.

The deputy commissioner further appealed to extend all possible help in the attempt to strengthen all departments in the district by checking improper use of fund flow while expressing that e-transfer of fund is successful in the first instance thereby expecting a better result by cooperation and coordination to go forward.



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