Sit in protest


    IMPHAL, June 25: A sit in protest was staged at Khongjom Bazar against the attempt of kidnapping the Pradhan of Langathel Gram Panchayat, Shah Bira during the night of June 21, 2013 at 11:30 am.

    Pradhans of various Gram Panchayat of the Khongjom circle, ward members, the Meira Paibi lups of the Phundrei village altogether attended the sit in protest while the protestors were holding various placards which reads ‘those people attempting to kidnap Pradhan should be booked’, ‘no threat to elected persons’, ‘culprits should be punished’, ‘allegations to Pradhan is unacceptable’.

    During the sit in protest, Shah Bira said, ‘the attempt to kidnap me is unacceptable’ and further demanded to book those culprits who attempted to kidnap her”.

    It is notable that a girl (Chanchan) was nabbed with a gun in her bag by the locality of the Pradhan while three men had escaped taking the opportunity of the darkness of the night.

    The said Chanchan Devi is now in the custody of Kakching Police station.


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