Takeover of Utra Sanglen Sanakonung


IMPHAL, June 30: Nature Cure Health Clinic & Research Centre, Khurai has today issued a press release on the issue of government’s plan to takeover Utra Sanglen Sanakonung saying that the move is hurting the hearts of the indigenous populace such as Meitei/Meetei, Hill people, Meitei Muslim on the plan of shifting titular king from Utra Sanglen Sanakonung in a venture to make the entire area a tourist spot which was never heard before. Such a ‘never heard before’ is heard today from the leaders of the present government led by Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh, it said.

The press release further said that this Nature Cure Centre has been protecting Utra Sanglen Sanakonung since long time back thereby come to know the then boundary of Kangla and adding the boundary line which begins it lines from Lei Ingkho then goes to Khurai Konsam Leikai then touches Khurai Top which meets at Iril River stream and then turns the line at southern lane of Ningthem Pukhri then further goes the boundary line through lane of the backside of Sanakonung and meets it at Mahabali which again makes a curve at Sanjengthong and goes straights upto eastern side of Governor road where it turns northward to meet it at the beginning point at Lei Ingkhol, it said.

It is again said that the move of government to takeover Utra Sanglen Sanakonung should be pondered as this area is a sacred place of Manipur where all government offices of Chief Minister, Governor and official residence of various Minister are located and further elaborating that all presence office structures should be removed to a scheme area as this area is sacred place, it demanded.


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