AMSU-Barber face-off unfortunate: FREINDS

    IMPHAL, July 16: The Federation of Regional Indigenous Societies (FREINDS), head office Keishampat today issued a press release expressing its `concern` on the recent face-off between AMSU and barbers over picking up of barbers for overcharging customers following complaints from customers.

    The statement said, non-locals have increased in terms of their population so much in the state that they can now challenge the voice of the indigenous people and it is no surprise that the barbers have come to defy the AMSU and overcharged against the AMSU stance on the issue.

    It has further said that the barbers were charging Rs 30 against the Rs 20 fixed by the state Labour department.

    The earning potential of a barber in the state is drawing non-locals into the state, it said while urging the un-employed youths of the state to understand the market and enter it.



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