Cabinet to reaffirm Royal Palace acquisition


IMPHAL, July 10: The decision taken at the last state cabinet meeting held on June 22, to acquire the Manipur royal palace and its surrounding areas in order to carry out restoration and developmental works, will be reaffirmed at another cabinet meeting which will be held tomorrow.

A state cabinet meeting will be convened tomorrow at 2 pm presided by the Chief Minister at the cabinet Secretariat where 15 agendas will be tabled.  

It may be mentioned here that, following the state cabinet meeting, several organizations have come out strongly against the cabinet decision of acquisition of Manipur palace. The said organizations members have also been keeping a vigil at Sana Konung  since the cabinet decision was announced.

Further, the cabinet meeting will also discuss and take a decision about signing tripartite talks and Suspension of Operations (SoO) with the United Tribal Liberation Army (UTLA) Thadou faction and the Kuki National Liberation Front (KNLF) whose cadres are now taking refuge in Assam Rifles camps, said the source.

Other agendas to be discussed at the meeting include: reviewing of the disturb area status; setting up of a speciality hospital in Manipur: declaration of Manipuri language as classical language; and issue of relaxation to those people who have been evicted from their illegal properties by the government, the source said.

It may be mentioned here that even though the state government has evicted those people whom it termed as encroachers at Kabaw Leikai Naga River areas by using police force, residents are still living in the area.


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