Hmar Veng women on night vigil against anti-socials


LAMKA, July 29: The woman wing of the Hmar Veng Welfare Defence Committee (HWCA) has initiated a day and night vigil in the Hmar Veng locality in Lamka along the Tiddim Road, with the firm belief that it will free the locality from drug abusers and other anti-social elements.

The day and night vigil was started from July 25 and will be continued until the objective of cleaning the locality of all anti-social elements including drug abusers, alcohol users, prostitution and gambling including carom and cards playing for money.

The secy of the woman wing of HWCA Kholli said the volunteers are being drawn out from around the 200 families of the locality and they will be deployed on a rooster system.

Volunteers have so far apprehended 1 kg of Kani (derived from opium), 15 packs of Ganza, four bottles of alcohol, strips of ecstasy drug called Dr x 100, she said before adding that the drug is mixed with alcohol and given to girls to lure them.

The volunteer under the command of 22 commanders had as of now, let free those caught with stern reprimanding and a warning that anyone caught for the second time will be punished.

This is not the first time that womenfolk of the district had taken up such strong actions as womenfolk of Bijang village had also taken up a similar task last month.

When asked to comment on the steps taken up by the women, the Chairman ADCC Langkhanpau Guite said that he had high regard and deep appreciation for those who had taken up such steps.

He further appreciated the efforts of the women but further urged them to be careful and said it could bring a negative repercussion to the family and thus to the whole society.

The SP of Ccpur Haokip lauded the women for their pro-activeness but added that no one must take the law into their own hands.

While offering full co-operation by the police force in the ambit of the law, he said that though the law empowers every citizen to do good for the society or the country but hurting someone in the guise of doing good work and destroying their property or personality will not be acceptable as per the law.


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