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`KNLF cadres surrender along with weapons before AR`

IMPHAL, July 5: A total of 19 cadres of the Kuki National Liberation Front including five high ranked officers surrendered before the 9th Assam Rifles, Moreh yesterday along with a huge cache of arms and ammunition at around 5.30 pm yesterday, informed a source.

According to a reliable source, the surrendered KNLF high ranking officers include Lumingthang 2nd in command arms wing commander; Thangneo operational commander; Seipao Finance wing commander-(I); Lethong public relation officer (PRO); Thongkholung Finance wing commander –(II)    

The other surrendered cadres are army number 136 self style sergeant Hemlun alias Daltan, 27 son of Doukholun of Langkhon Kuki village Saikhul senapati district; A/num 102 s/s private Lelen alias David, 21, son of Mangpi of Toibong Churachanpur district, A/num 103 s/s private Khanglhi alias Tiger, 20, son of Songpi of Tolbung Pallel chandel District, A/num 137 s/s private Ngangam alias Govind, 20, son of Dongjang of Gamphajol Kuki Village Churachandpur district, A/num 140 s/s private Francis Kuki, 18, son of Kailet of Tuinom Village Churachandpur District, A/num 203 s/s private Haokhulun alias Lunneo, 18 son of Lamkhosei of moreh ward number 2 chandel district, A/num1011 s/s private John Kuki 18 son of Khupsei Kuki of moreh ward number 1Chandel District, A/num 1087 s/s private Romeo alias Thangboi, 21 son of Jangam Kuki of Moreh Ward number-2, A/num 1216 s/s private Franky Kuki 19 son of Ngamlun of Kholen Village Senapati District, A/num 1053 s/s private Mamang Mate 17 son of Jamkhai of Moreh ward number 1, A/num 1057 s/s private Sangboi 23 son of Delthang kuki of Thanglen veng ward number 9 moreh, A/num 1054 s/s private Thangneo alias Touthang 22 son of Lelen of moreh ward number 1 and A/num private Neosen Baite, 23 son of Onseiof Moreh Ward number 2 chandel District.

The source further said that the surrendered cadres had also brought huge arms and ammunition along with them including three numbers of M-16 rifle, one M-15 rifle, two numbers of AK 22 Rifle, one US made Carbine, one .32 pistol and one 60mm Mortar and the ammunition which include 150 number of live rounds of M16 and M15 Rifle, 50 live rounds of AK 22 Rifle, 38 live rounds of US carbine and 3 bombs of 60 mm mortar.    



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