The Epic Pressure


By M.c. Linthoingambee

I am sure most of you remember having been through the 20s or if you haven’t, believe me it is the most epic point of your life where you can decide who you will turn out to be. I am 20 and still counting and the hardest labor I have ever had to do is studying hard for exams whereas many are not as lucky as we are and hit the streets or go looking for some hard core rigorous work or service so that they may fill their stomach.

The Global Hunger Index (GHI) Report ranked India 15th among those countries who falls victim to the evils of starvation and hunger. Poverty is still climbing at a rapid rage even with the government working to help remedy the economy and holding various schemes for the general mass to develop as a whole. That is why we all need to rely ourselves in educating ourselves to a certain level. The Government has also done their fair share of providing education by even making the Right to Education come under the Fundamental Rights. These rights are justifiable and any person who is under the age of 14 is liable to receive free education through the various schemes provided by the nation’s policy makers. But the question still lies on whether all these are sufficient enough. Maybe one day if and only if we go on with these policies, we may able to look forward to a developed India with a little percentage of the total population having to suffer or die of starvation. Only when educations suffice to protect their means of livelihood, can they have a sufficient meal a day.

The main source of livelihood in India is agriculture, and these agricultural lands are still heavily controlled with the unwanted involvement of some non-deserving tenants. Even with the legislature and written records of abolition of the Zamindari System, these evils are still seen to be inflicted upon in the modern day in some rural villages. The ongoing theory of land acquisitions in the name of development has also led a number of common bread earners working as farmers to go ashtray. That field which once stood firm and filled with greens which provided them with the joy of happiness is no longer in question. The news has also reported stories of various farmers committing suicide when they are not able to meet the daily expenses. It is rather a kill joy to take an initiative of leading perfectly normal lives at the cost of others. Can we really blame them for resorting to means of stealing, thievery, robbery, etc when it is done at the cost of survival? That is why our nation is fighting hard to portray the image of benevolent images in spite of all these thrilling laid back stories.

The Corporate is also one of those growing massive bodies of the private sector who have continuously worked on promoting the society at large. And even with the ideology of wielding pen in our hands for our earnings, we still fail to outnumber the great expectations. My friend who is pursuing her first year for MBA at IBS Hyderabad is grief stricken by the workload she receives instantaneously and competition to get placed in a nice firm at the end of the study period because as the new system can only accept a handful number of first time workers. It has been reported that campus placements have slowly deducted as certain survey reports found that employing fresh college applicants have led to a huge downfall in the country’s economy especially in the IT sectors. It is really a downturn on having to decide, “What’s next?” I also saw one of my friends updating a status stating, “To be a Corporate Slave or not to be” the decision is not ours to make. It is his. But we also find ourselves stranded in the heavy tides of an unstoppable storm in search of a job.

The recent fashion is sending of children abroad for advance and higher studies. Is our country not able to provide enough quality education for its growing youths? But then again, there have been a number of scholarship applicants filling in some of the top Ivy League Colleges like Harvard, NYU, etc. In the midst of all these drama, I still find myself remembering a quote which goes, “Life is like an ice-cream, eat it before it melts” although I quiet reckon on who is the real author for this particular phrase. The competition is on, when the Delhi University cut-off marks differs itself extensively having marked some of the deadlock by 98 percentage or more or above with the unlikely chance of a few scorers ranging between 92-98 percentage. All the above and the hope of earning income have given birth to a series of success and failures. At the resolve of the failure, one often ends up committing suicide. Suicide rates increase each year day by day due to the pressure put to the students by their parents in getting into the best colleges or either because they have capsized the dream of their parents.

I hear stories from my dad’s time when he was a child of the value borne by a mere Rs 100 but now it is hardly a proximity to the total bearing cost of the modern generation. Career is a strong choice, in which we should affirm ourselves with our soul. It is now that we must decide and make certain choices which will tell us where we shall end up landing either by diverting or following the given path of guide. So let us not make peer pressure get the better of ourselves.


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