Village Authority complaint


    IMPHAL, July 15: The Nreng (Ileng) Village Authority has today issued a press release saying that as per the guideline of the Government of India, Ministry of Rural Development, every village has to constitute Integrated Watershed Management Committee and that IWMP Scheme is to be handed over to the Committee for proper functioning of the scheme.

    It went to claim that the IWMP Committee chairman and secretary of Ileng Village, Kengwibou and Pousiwibou respectively are not authorized members of the Integrated Watershed Management Programme adding that they have constituted Committee in their own vested interest with the collaboration of some politicians to misuse the huge amount of money without the knowledge of the concerned villagers/authority.

    There was no any General Body Meeting for IWMP scheme in the village till date and the villagers/village authorities have no knowledge for this matter, it said and  requested to the concerned authorities to cancel the IWMP Committee of the Ileng Village and not to let the concerned bank draw any amount, it said.


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